What's Inside

Crunchy Creatures are essentially baked corn snacks, but made with less of the not-so-good stuff

For the kid inside every grown up

There's something about biting the head off a Tyrannosaurus that brings out the kid in everyone! Munch into a bag of Crunchy Creatures and let yourself be transported back to a younger, carefree version of you, whose only focus in the entire world, is holding onto that bag of dinosaur-shaped snacks and not sharing them with anybody

For kids Crunchy Creatures are fun in a bag, but thanks to their great taste, they also hit the spot for grown-up savoury cravings (you know who you are!).

And because three is the magic number, we've created three snack-tastic flavours for our young (and older) customers to choose from: Cheese flavour, Ready-Salted and Ketchup flavour.