Bronto Blade Runner

Hey, I’m Bronto! It's short for Brontosaurus, which actually means Thunder Lizard! It’s a brilliant superhero name, but Tyrano and Stego say it's not a proper girl's name. They're just jealous, but wait 'til I discover my superpowers, then we'll see who the big girl is!

I'm a vegetarian, which sounds a bit weird for a dinosaur, but I can't help it if I like lentils and broccoli and green stuff. In fact, maybe there'd be more dinosaurs around if they'd all been vegetarian like me. You see, the meat-eating dinosaurs were very sensitive.You'd have a Spinosaurs talkin' to a T-Rex, and the Spino might say something casual like "just letting you know Rex, your breath smells!"" and before you can say "minty mouthwash", T-Rex has taken a bite out him – very rude!

We don't do that anymore, which is a relief. Means I can focus on my two favourite things; Roller-Blading and Dino-School. My least favourite things are wearing party clothes and sparkly shoes – yeuch!