Stego Super Surfer

Hey, I'm Stego! Even though I'm the youngest of our gang, I'm in charge of the Dino-Net! I take my laptop everywhere, though sometimes I get distracted looking at the screen and fall off my scooter and cut my knees. Bronto looks after me and always puts a plaster on my knee. She's cool.

See those spikey plates that stick out of my back? They make brilliant receivers for satellite signals from all over the world. I love downloading Nature documentaries – but if you don't mind me saying so, human grown-ups aren't doing a very good job taking care of Planet Earth!

Millions of years ago when my ancestors were hangin' around, there was no litter and no pollution. Okay, in the end they all got wiped out by an asteroid that hit the earth, but up to that moment, the planet was in very good shape!