Tyrano King of the Crunch

I'm Tyrano – that's short for Tyrannosaurus Rex, but you knew that! Rex means "King" and that's why I'm the leader of our gang. Though it's just a small gang of three – me, Stego and Bronto. For dinosaurs, we actually get on very well, except when it's near dinner-time and we get a bit tetchy – but that's only 'cos we’re hungry!

My favourite thing is football – it's the best thing you humans ever invented! My T-Rex ancestors had longer and heavier tails than me, so they had to lean forward all the time to keep balanced. But 'cos I'm a modern dinosaur, I can stand-up straight and dribble and pass and score goals just like you guys!

Sometimes in Dino-School, the teacher tells me to stop daydreaming about being in the Premier League. She's wrong - I daydream about owning my own football team!